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The Dragonets of Destiny by AprilSilverWolf
The Dragonets of Destiny
From left to right: Clay, Glory, Starflight, Sunny, and Tsunami.

Despite seeing lots of people drawing Glory as the green and orange dragon like she is on the cover, I mostly imagined Glory as purple with gold streaks because that's how Clay described her when she first exited the cave, and that's how she looked on Queen Scarlet's pedestal.

I never imagined Starflight as a purple dragon so I made him black and gray. His eyes ranged from purple to silver to silvery yellow in my mind while I was reading the books so I gave him a combination lol...

I was not sure how big to make them in comparison to each other. I kind of always imagined Clay as the biggest, with Tsunami in second. In my  mind, Starflight was always kind of scrawny and small, while Glory was about the same size, however when I thought logically that didn't make much sense. Sunny was always the smallest in my mind so I drew the sizes how I thought would make the most sense, even though it's not how I imagined them.

Time spent:
-3 hours on the outline
-3 hours on colouring
= 6 hours total

For all you people selling fanart

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2015, 12:13 AM
I see hundreds of people selling my little pony fanart or any other fanart such as pokemon, Legend of Zelda, etc. I bet most people don't know that selling fanart without written permission of the original designer/artist/author is ILLEGAL. It bothers me even more because I would love to make a profit off of fanart, after all, that's what everybody is interested in buying right? Everyone loves fanart of their favourite show and when you find an artist that draws it in a really amazing style, of course you'd want to buy it. Even so, it's illegal and so it pains me to hold back even while I watch everyone else making profits off of illegal activity. 

It's kind of strange, it's what makes things like bronycon, comicon, and odafest illegal festivals. Basically people get together in a festival to sell illegal goods-fanart and fanproducts that many of them do not have permission to use. For those of you selling fanart, please read this:

The Truth About Selling FanartUpdate notice as of January 17, 2013: I have given this guide a MAJOR overhaul. It was originally written over a year and a half ago, and since then my own views and understanding of copyrights has changed. I felt that this guide should reflect those changes, so if you read this guide in the past, please take a moment to look through it again as I have added MANY new topics, information, and sources. Unlike my first draft, I have also changed my viewpoint to neutral throughout this writing.
Update notice as of July 17th, 2015: Check out DeviantArt's new article on art theft, fanart, copyrights, and other relevant topics!
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor any kind of professional that works in dealing with laws or copyrights. This guide was written based on my own research and understanding of copyright laws, and from discussions with others knowledgeable of the subject. These facts are all

After all, if you were an artist who went through all the work of creating your own unique, original character, how would you like it if someone was making profits off of YOUR character that they didn't even come up with themself? Not to mention without your permission? Basically taking what is yours that YOU made and selling it for their own profit? It may not bother some of you but it's why material has been copyrighted in the first place, if you do it otherwise it IS stealing! 

  • Listening to: My teacher
  • Reading: The Sight
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: Wolf Quest, Zoo Tycoon, Spore, Impressive Title
  • Eating: Everything!
  • Drinking: Water


AprilSilverWolf's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

99% of my artwork is done with a computer mouse. Excluding the writings, and the traditional drawings. There's only a couple pieces that were drawn with a tablet back when it actually worked.

I got rid of the old deviantart introduction because it's so old and almost invalid. Though I could miss it.

I'm April, I love animals, I love sprinting, I love writing and I love drawing. I like travelling, I like fiction, ancient history, the occasional science fiction, biology, English, archaeology, astronomy, geology, paleontology, theology and lots of other science topics.

My hair is dark ashy brown and my eyes are hazel. I'm 5'3, heritage: a mix of English, Irish, And Scottish. More so Scottish and Irish than English.

I'm a nostalgic who struggles often to overcome her past, but I've made better progress in this year than all other years of my life added together. And sometimes I almost feel like I'm completely rid of it.

Wolves and African Wild Dogs are my favourite animals. Tamaskan Huskies are my favourite dog (they look a lot like wolves!) but I also like Belgian Shepherds, Indian Spitz, American Eskimos, Samoyeds, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and Aidis.

My favourite cat are Caracals. For now anyway.

My favourite hoofed animal are Caribou, especially dwarf Caribou.

I like baseball, skiing, and track and field.

I love my friends and they are what's on my mind most often, aside from theology and God. I'm a Christian: the Bible always comes first in determining truth.

I'm a Junior Graphic Designer, and have just graduated from my 2 year diploma. I love digital art, though I also like traditional art, one is just less messy than the other and you don't have to go out and buy the ingredients and paints and stuff so it's a lot more convenient. Also I find that it looks more crisp and vibrant than traditional art so I'd even say I like it better if it's done well.

I'm also a writer and have been one all my life. I have over 100 hand written stories in my room from childhood, and that doesn't count the novels I've written and am in the process of writing on the computer. Graphic Design was meant to help me in my writing, such as making covers, and advertising, maybe even aiding me in publishing, etc.

I like macro photos but I also love landscape photos. Anything interesting really, though that's a matter of opinion.

People are fascinating if you can glimpse the world through their eyes and understand the way each individual works if you get to know them so well that you feel connected to them.

I know a lot of people who have struggles or past hurts that often allow their past hurts to hinder them and I admire those that put their effort into improving their character, using the hurts as a motivation rather than to barricade themselves in. I try to do this with all the energy I have but there are very few people who use everything they can to improve their character, bad or good things. I can really admire someone who lets nothing stop them from developing a better character.

I love learning (well, depending on the topic) and I often research theology and some historical and science topics (but only if the topic interests me). I also search up a lot of myths I hear on facebook just to make sure if they are true or not. There are a lot of lies swarming around all over the place.

I am currently on the lookout for a graphic design job.

I'm a pretty flexible person and if you really need to see me, I can always make time for you.

I'm still somewhat childish in some aspects and I still like to play and watch cartoons, but I feel like I've become more independent and have even convinced myself that I'm moving out of the house as soon as I graduate from SAIT (well at least as soon as I get a decent paying job...)

I want at least 4 kids and I prefer hilly territory, such as mountains or even canyons to live in.

I cannot stand it when people put an animal's life above a humans. I'm pro life, but I also value human life above all other life.

I control my emotions most of the time but I allow myself some pain and anger if it's appropriate in the circumstance and not a hindrance to me. Also I like to use my emotions to inspire me to create things, whether they are depressing or full of hope. They all mean something to me.

What I value most in this world is someone to share the wonders of the world with. Loyal friends are hard to come by so if you have one, never never take them for granted. If you have just one loyal friend, you have the world.

Things I can't stand:

-People who ignore you
-People who break their promises
-People who put animals above humans
-People who can't debate in a civil respectful manner
-People who put no effort into the relationship on their behalf
-Unreasonable people
-People who twist and put words in your mouth
-Critical people that never notice all the sacrifices you make for them
-Christians that don't read their Bibles and don't REALLY know what they believe
-People who say one thing and then do another (Actions speak louder than words!)
-People who think they know you but never really take the time to find out who you really are, and so they think they know you better than you know yourself but they are incorrect.

Things I deeply admire:

-The willingness to improve
-A loyal friend who puts their friends first
-A committed Christian
-A nonbeliever who is open to listening
-A Christian that can find a balance between not being tolerant of sin but not be slanderous of the people who do the sin
-One who tries to see the world from another's eyes and wants to get to know people on a deeper level
-One who questions everything and develops reason and wisdom from doing so
-An understanding person with wise direction
-Problem solvers
-People who never give up
-Those that have actions to go along with words
-Those who know timing and when the right time is to say or do something
-Adventurous and open flexible people
-People who return or even start the effort
-Those with a good sense of humour
-Opportunists and realists
-Those that can find the hope in anything
-Driven people with a purpose in life, but aren't afraid to make some sacrifices for those they love
-People who notice the things about you that you may not even notice about yourself, and know you better than you know yourself because they have made the effort to get to know you in a real and intimate way

Current Residence: what?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: huh?
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: instrumental and musicals (but I can like any song from anywhere on the radar)
Favourite photographer: ME!
Favourite style of art: My art, wolves, animals (not anime!), realistic, Disney style
Operating System: what? Um..Windows??
MP3 player of choice: SanDisk, Ipod
Shell of choice: Seashell
Wallpaper of choice: wolves
Skin of choice: white?, I'm confused
Favourite cartoon character: Simba (from lion king.) Rainbowdash and Rarity from MLP. Bambi. Bolt. Death the Kid from Soul Eater (he's hilarious). Forrest Gump, Farris Bueller, the back to the future main character (forget his name)
Personal Quote: There is no such thing as a FAIL when you do your best!

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Photoshop and Illustrator examples
Cry of the Lone Wolf by AprilSilverWolf
Wolf Link Journal Cover by AprilSilverWolf
I Make My Own Road by AprilSilverWolf
Electrified Shadow by AprilSilverWolf
Eye of the Wolf by AprilSilverWolf
Nothing Can Seperate Us by AprilSilverWolf
For commission information please click on the link below:…
Hello, I'm April and I'm a graphic designer who graduated from SAIT Polytechnic in Graphic Communications and Print Technology. I learned everything from project to completion in the printing industry and have been interested in art as a hobby years before that. I have attended art classes but I'm mainly a self learner trying to start a business in what I enjoy.

When you ask for illustrator files, they can be turned into journal covers, book covers, posters, and much more. When you ask for Photoshop files you can do the same thing as long as you know what size you'll need beforehand. I send you the digital files and you can take them to a print company and ask for the images to be printed on t shirts or whatever else you wish to do with them.

I create different files.

Illustrator files are worth $20.00 in real money and take about 6-10 hours to make. In points that equals to 2000 points.

Photoshop files are also worth $20.00 and take 6-10 hours to make.

Pixels (100 by 100 pixels) are worth $10.00 and take about 2-3 hours to make. That's worth 1000 points.

Lineart is worth $10.00 and takes about 1-2 hours to make. That's also worth 1000 points.

I accept paypal and/or points.

Please click on this link for more information:…


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